Hello There!

IMG_1875 copyIt’s GRAND OPENING day for vintagegiggles.com!!


We are thrilled to finally share our big announcement with you!!  Beginning today, vintagegiggles.com offers you direct access to purchase our products for the first time ever!!!

After months of brainstorming, picture taking, web lingo learning, and collection designing, we present our first nine official collections to you, ready for purchase!

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with many talented people who have helped us along the way.  The whole process has been so endearing to us as we expanded our horizons and stepped out of comfort zones.  And of course, when giggle is your name, giggle is your game….so, you can bet there were many moments of joy and laughter as we made our way through to bringing this website to you today!

IMG_8061For example, take our personal photo shoot with Amanda Hillary Photography.  Neither Brooke or I am comfortable in front of a camera- add to that, the muggy rains of late afternoon Florida summer days and a freshly hatched batch of mosquitoes, and you could have spelled misery.  However, when your photographer calls and squeals in your ear as she says that she has found the perfect truck, no amount of raindrops or bug bites could have dampened our excitement.  Amanda, you nailed it!  And for the record, if the owner of this truck EVER decides to sell.  Yes, please!  We drool.

And then there are days when the stars align and missed naps lend themselves to shy smiles and sparkly eyes.  That is what happened the day of our product shoot with Kelle Hampton and Heidi Darwish.  Recipe:  Begin with two of the most adorable babies in town, add a gorgeous classic clawfoot bathtub on a black and white tile floor, mixed generously with a stream of golden afternoon sunlight, and topped with two of the most talented and dearest photographers around, and voila…the tone of our website is born.

Here are some behind the scene snapshots of this amazing session and the gorgeous mini models in action.

photo 4  photo 3photo 1

Thank you for visiting our site today.  Please enjoy free shipping on all orders placed within the first 24 hours of our launch!  Hurry and order your giggle today!


Threads of love,

Rebecca xo