Collection 21 Window Pane Quilt


Subdued and soothing, this collection is like a bedtime story whispered to your growing little one with it’s calm, mellow colors.  Pale yellow and light blue to show support for the National Down Syndrome Society.   Proceeds from each sale are donated to the NDSS.

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Clean and crisp, this symmetrical quilt resembles a bright and sunny window pane filled with the glow of soft white light.

*features six sections of six fabric blocks each, arranged on a white background

*the back is solid white

*girl quilts come with a ruffled edge

*each quilt is individually made and no two are identical

*we can guarantee colors and style, but not exact prints

*measures approximately 36 inches by 46 inches, with up to an additional inch on each side for the ruffled edged ones. *Please allow for slight variations in dimensions, as each quilt is individually made.

*pre-washed and double inspected


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