Bungalow Baby Window Pane Quilt


Airy and breezy, delicate pink and green pastels dance lightly on a canvas of bright white. An old time classic favorite for the sweetest little rosebud.

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Clean and crisp, this symmetrical quilt resembles a bright and sunny window pane filled with the glow of soft white light.

*features six sections of six fabric blocks each, arranged on a white background

*the back is solid white

*girl quilts come with a ruffled edge

*each quilt is individually made and no two are identical

*we can guarantee colors and style, but not exact prints

*measures approximately 36 inches by 46 inches, with up to an additional inch on each side for the ruffled edged ones. *Please allow for slight variations in dimensions, as each quilt is individually made.

*pre-washed and double inspected


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