product overview

Bring the most one-of-a-kind gift to a baby shower, or welcome a little one of your own with an item to be enjoyed and treasured for years to come. Our products are designed to be used and re-used in everyday life. All items, including the quilts, are pre-washed and double inspected. Vintage Giggles brings you four uniquely made products:

Hooded Towels

This is our best seller and it’s no surprise because it’s designed with longevity in mind.  Our hooded towels are made from a full sized 100% cotton bath towel. Soft and absorbent, these are perfect to wrap up squirmy little bodies, but are suitable for ages newborn up through age 10 and beyond.  Each hooded towel comes with a coordinating washcloth.


For each of our nine collections, we offer you two quilt styles. All quilts have a unique double edging around the outside, and the girl quilts have a ruffled edge.

Our signature quilt is a two sided patchwork quilt, with one side completely hand ragged on all of the seams. This quilt measures approximately 33 inches by 41 inches, with the ruffled edged quilt being up to an additional inch on each side.

The second, and more traditional quilt is a window pane style, with six sections of six fabric blocks each, arranged on a white background, giving it a window pane appearance. The back is solid white. The window pane quilt measures approximately 36 inches by 46 inches, with up to an additional inch on each side for the ruffled edged ones.

*Please allow for slight variations in dimensions, as each quilt is individually made.

The Fully Custom Made Heritage Quilt

Preserve your family’s memories with a quilt! Use your favorite or significant clothing, children’s clothing, family linens, or other cherished fabric item to have made into a quilt for your family to treasure and pass down from generation to generation. These are some of our favorite items to make!

Available in most any size, contact us ( to let us know what you’d like to have made just for you and to discuss the possibilities!   Find out today how you can use yesterday’s memories in a keepsake for tomorrow and all the years to come.

“Love is a great beautifier.”  -Louisa May Alcott