about our collections

Each of our quilts, hooded towel sets and burpcloths are available in nine prints varying from classic to fabulous.  Our diverse spread of collections offer colors that are suitable for girls, boys or the surprise gender baby on the way!

For the Girls-

Bungalow Baby – Airy and breezy, delicate pink and green pastels dance lightly on a canvas of bright white. An old time classic favorite for the sweetest little rosebud.

Tealed with a Kiss – Imagine humming along in the kitchen while wearing a ruffled apron, covered with flour from baking pies all morning. These lavender and teal floral prints date to moments as such from the 1950’s. Bright and fresh, with a hint of nostalgic charm.

Pixie Sticks – The perfect choice to express your streak of be-bopping fun. Lively and playful with a 1960’s flair, this bright and colorful collection will have you dreaming of chalk sketched hopscotch, jump rope rhymes, lollipops and candy dots.

For the Boys-

Fiddlesticks – Everything classic about a boy. Powder blues and crisp white celebrate the early American signature of little boys in overalls playing marbles with sling shots hanging out of their back pockets. Norman Rockwell would most definitely approve.

Offshore Ollie – Grab this gnarlatious style for the relaxed feel of the windblown surf. Perfect for the coastal dweller or land locked ocean dreamer. Composed of the deep aquamarines and blues of the seas, this collection is sure to totally gratify the surfer at heart.

Doggone groovy – Hot diggety dog! These bright colors are a bold blast from the past. Playing on the retro sixties with flashes of orange, blue and yellow, every stud will love these threads.

For the parents who want the gender to be a surprise –

Sandy Toes – Simply stated, this collection will appease almost everyone. Subtle tones of off white, tan and beige set to pair well with most any color theme. A traditional favorite for a clean and classic style.

NEW!!  Collection 21 – Subdued and soothing, this collection is like a bedtime story whispered to your growing little one with it’s calm, mellow colors.  Pale yellow and light blue to show support for the National Down Syndrome Society.   Proceeds from each sale are donated to the NDSS.

Mod Blocks – A bold statement for the modern retro. Clean, solid colors come together to make this a centerpiece for the colorfully minded. With a variety of colors, this is a great building block to make a statement among any decor.

“I dwell in possibility.”   -Emily Dickinson