Our Principles

Founded and operated by two moms, we make products to match the style and durability that we would select for ourselves. Each item is individually made with love and meticulous attention to detail by one of the Vintage Giggles team members. We hope they are well used and enjoyed for years and years.

Every piece is unique and individually made. The colors and prints that we use in our collections either actually come from an era decades ago, or are representative of the culture of a time in history. We use a combination of re-purposed vintage and new materials in each product and keep a collection alive by constantly supplying it with materials that match the collection.  Because of the individuality of the materials that we use, we cannot guarantee that your item will look exactly like the one pictured, (especially the quilts) however it will be pretty darn close. We do have an eye for detail, and keep our products as uniform as possible.

By using a combination of history and functionality for everyday use as our guide for our inspiration, we bring you products that have a story and will soon become a part of your own story.

“Forever is composed of nows.”  -Emily Dickinson