Love and Giggles

Exactly how much love is in a giggle?

Read below to find out what people have to say about their Vintage Giggles threads.

“The baby quilts are better than advertised!  We use it everyday.  It is a functional and beautiful staple in the daily play, sleep and cuddle time with our kids.  It is one of a kind and crafted with the highest quality.  Awesome stuff!”   -Charlie H., Denver, CO

“The best towels and are made with much love and detail, very good quality.  We’ve had ours over two years and it’s still in perfect new looking condition.  I will definitely recommend and come back for more.  Best practical and personal gift to give.  We also have a heritage quilt made from some of my daughter’s much loved clothing and a special lovie blanket.  We truly love the vintage feel and will treasure them for years to come and pass on to the next generation.”  -Bianca M., Florida

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