The Story of the Squares: Citrus Sorbet

One of the best parts of what we do here at Vintage Giggles, is having the opportunity to use pieces of history to create items that can be used for many years into the future.  Of course, each piece we make has a touch of history in it’s threads, but when we have the privilege of preserving someone’s treasured personal items, well that just makes it all the more delightful.

Today we bring you the story of the squares that created this quilt. Meet Citrus Sorbet.


This quilt was requested to be made as a gift between two friends.  The giver, Lilly, handed us the maid of honor dress that she wore in her friend Vicky’s wedding.  She wanted a quilt made, using that dress, to be a baby gift for the bride’s first daughter.  The rest, she left up to us.

Their friendship includes years spent together in the citrus groves owned by Vicky and her husband, as well as late night theological conversations over delicate cups of tea and french pastries.  With all this in mind, I began cutting the dress and pairing it with a delectable pallet of colors that would best resemble these two friends.  I chose soft yellow to represent the warm sunshine that kisses the citrus fruit on the tree limbs. Then I added sleepy hues of the tangerines, oranges and grapefruits in their grove. Of course, the french lavender color of the bridesmaid dress made for the perfect accent for this quilt.  In addition to using the dress for some of the squares, the feminine fullness of the skirt was captured by using the dress material to make the ruffle around the complete edge of the quilt.  As a finishing touch, the bow from the waist of the dress was added to the top of the quilt.   This finished quilt represents a story of a friendship, the legacy of a family business and the vow of love between this precious baby’s parents….all three of which are some of the greatest gifts in life.

And that’s the story of the squares that created Citrus Sorbet.

Threads of Love,

Rebecca xo






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